Why choose us?

We Customise

No two businesses or organisations are the same, so why would you provide a one-size-fits-all solution to their debt collection requirements? It just doesn’t make sense.


There are numerous different approaches to collecting debt. But what’s really important, is creating an approach that is consistent with your brand. For example - if a company has a ‘caring’ brand personality, we can tailor a softer approach to how we collect. And vice versa.


Industry Leading Knowledge

Under the leadership of Bruce Cross and David Young, Debtworks have two of New Zealand’s foremost debt collection experts. Together they bring around 40 years industry experience – including leading roles in publicly listed companies, industry bodies and government panels.


Proven Superior Results

We know it’s the results that count and in like-for-like comparisons, Debtworks has proven that it can outperform the big debt collection companies by a significant margin.



Although we’ve grown from a start-up to around 50 fulltime staff, we have been very careful to maintain a ‘small company’ level of service. All owners are still very hands-on and keep an open line of communication with clients and staff alike.


You’ll Have a Dedicated Team

At Debtworks we give each collector responsibility for their personal portfolio - rather than employing a predictive calling method that randomly matches a caller with a collector. It means our collectors can create specific solutions to a clients’ specific situations. 


We’re Up-front

At Debtworks we are aware of the pressures of debt collection for our clients, so we dedicate time up-front to manage expectations – by being very clear about what we can deliver, how quickly they can deliver it, and how much that will likely return.