GNA (gone no address) is the bane of all collection and legal action - if we can’t talk to them or get them served, then we can’t get you paid.

We provide three options for tracing:

1. Free Database Checks
On any debt that is loaded we undertake a variety of free checks to try and obtain a new address for you. This includes the Insolvency and Companies office databases, Electronic White Pages, Google and social media websites, rechecking your paper file and contacting any work or next of kin contacts you may have.

2. Internal Trace Enquiries
If our free database checks are unsuccessful, your account manager will discuss with you if you should proceed with an internal trace. For a small fee, the internal trace checks several commercial databases, including Centrix trace, providing the potential for new information or leads that may lead to a new address.

3. Third Party Specialist
If options one and two have not found a new address for your debtor, we can instruct on your behalf a Specialist Third Party Tracing Agent. These agents are specialists in this area, and provide excellent results, your account manager will discuss with you, which is the appropriate option for your file.