Debtworks has developed Creditbiz to provide the infrastructure to maintain your ledger from invoice issue to payment. Our focus is on ensuring you maintain long term relationships with your clients through establishing systems that will ensure your clients pay on time, every month.

Because we recognise that debt collection is a by-product of credit management practices, the Creditbiz suite of services are all designed with the same two objectives in mind. Firstly ensuring that your brand is not just protected, but enhanced, and secondly, that we maximise your cashflow.

By providing you with the skills to keep a tighter rein on credit management, the Creditbiz suite of services provide the foundation for a strong well performing ledger with reduced risks.

Whether the solution is simple friendly reminder service to overdue customers, or a complete outsourcing of all your credit management functions, Creditbiz has the solution for your business.

Outsourcing can cut your costs.

Outsourcing credit management functions offers immediate cost savings to your business, by reducing your bad debt and changing credit management from a fixed to a variable cost. Partnering with Creditbiz will spread the risks and give you more time to concentrate on your core business while we focus on protecting your hard earned income and brand.