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Regardless of the size of your business, effective credit management is an essential part of business. However, it does require a specialist skill-set – which is where Debtworks can help. In 2018 we have put together a programme of six high quality seminars that focus on the various knowledge sets that anyone involved in credit needs to understand. The seminars are designed so that they are independent of each other, so you can attend any individually or the whole series. Each of the seminars are 3.5 hours long and are highly interactive.




Morning – 9.00am to 12.30pm
Afternoon – 1.00am to 4.30pm


Level 1, 91 Central Park Drive


Level 1, Aviation House
12 Johnston Street



Existing Debtworks Clients                                  $190.00 per Seminar

Non-Debtworks Clients                                     $240.00 per Seminar

Attend Stage I & Stage II on the same day                  $360.00

Attend 3 or More in 2018                                               Save 15%

Cancellation Fee (within 48 Hours)                                 $100.00

Seminar 1

“The Answers - Stage I”

Is Credit Management an art or a science? 

This seminar will help to answer that question. 

Participants will gain a greater understanding of credit management and how it affects your business. The seminar includes the practical skills to improve the performance of any credit manager from novice to experienced. You’ll also learn why an account becomes overdue, but how to deal with the dispute and then negotiate a successful payment arrangement.

Key Content:

  • Why accounts become overdue.
  • How to handle disputes and excuses.
  • The secret of effective collections over the telephone.
  • How to “sell” a repayment arrangement to your customers.
  • The real reason your customer will or won’t pay you.


Thursday 15 March (Morning)

Thursday 13 September (Afternoon)


Tuesday 17 April (Morning)

Tuesday 16 October (Morning)

Seminar 2

"The Answers - Stage II"

Following on from Stage 1, this looks behind the practical skills and starts to build a knowledge base for dealing with more complex issues which arise through the Credit Management process.

Building expertise from being able to identify the legal entity you are trading with, to fully understanding your terms of trade and the options they can create.

In addition we look at the various consumer protection laws and how they can impact credit decisions.

This course will equip you to make tactical decisions when dealing with problematic accounts

Key content:

  • Contract Law
  • Terms of Trade & Credit Applications
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Laws that protect your business
  • Legal Entities


Thursday 15 March (Afternoon)

Thursday 13 September (Afternoon)


Tuesday 17 April (Afternoon)

Tuesday 16 October (Afternoon)

Seminar 3

"The Courts - Stage I"

If you work in Credit, you need to understand how the courts (Legal System) operate.

Legal action is the most powerful tool that you have, but if you don't know how that tool works, then you can't use it effectively.

This seminar explains how the Court process works and How you can use it to get Paid. It covers all the most common District Court processes and explains in practical terms how they work and the impact they have

Key content:

  • Understanding the Legal Decision
  • Statement of Claim process
  • Summary Judgement Process
  • The five ways to get an Attachment Order
  • Dealing with Defences


Thursday 17 May (Morning)

Wednesday 14 November (Morning)


Tuesday 12 June (Morning)

Wednesday 14 November (Afternoon)

Seminar 4

"Using the Courts - Stage II"

This seminar looks at Liquidation & Bankruptcy and how you would use these to get paid.

The seminar provides essential knowledge on the differences on all types of "insolvency" - Liquidations, Receivership's, Bankruptcy and how credit managers should deal with them. 

Uniquely this seminar goes beyond the creditors perspective and makes you think and act like your debtor. You will be asked to complete a role play which will ensure you think like a debtor and better understand your ability to manage risk.

Key content:

  • Understanding differences between various types of insolvency
  • How to use Bankruptcy & Liquidation to your advantage
  • Voidable payments and how to reduce your risk of having to repay debtors
  • Secured v Unsecured
  • Understanding Debtor reactions



Thursday 17 May (Morning)




Tuesday 12 June


Seminar 5

"Advanced Skills - Stage I"

"The most effective Credit Managers work with (not against) a Sales Team"

This seminar looks at some of the more advanced skills a Credit Manager should have, chief amongst them is the ability to work with a Sales Team. This seminar shows ways in which a Credit Manager and a Sales Team can co-operate to improve organisation efficiency and profitability.

This unique seminar is designed for both the Credit Team & the Sales Team.


  • The role of the credit department
  • What the sales department wants from credit
  • What’s so important about credit applications anyway?
  • Stop credit—friend or foe?
  • Using credit limits effectively


Wednesday 17 July (Morning)



Thursday 16 August (Morning)

Seminar 6

"Advanced Skills - Stage II"

Every day the credit team has to negotiate with customers or debtors, whether it is settling a dispute or making a payment arrangement it is one of the key skills of successful credit management. This skills based seminar focuses on understanding and developing the skills for any successful negotiation, from a payment arrangement to buying a house.


  • What is negotiation?
  • What are the preconditions of any successful negotiation?
  • Understanding different negotiation styles
  • What negotiation style should you use? .
  • Bluffing!
  • Coping with power imbalance


Wednesday 18 July (Afternoon)


Thursday 16 August (Afternoon)