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"I can honestly say that Debtworks have been brilliant in the collection and management of our bad debts."
Caspex Corporation LTD

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Terms of trade

Your terms of trade are the most important document your business has.

They are more than just a bunch of size 6 font paragraphs on the back of an invoice. Your terms of trade create the framework for the relationship with your customer. That framework can and will determine not only your level of risk, but also what tools you will have to assist with your credit management.

Whether you require a complete set of terms of trade prepared or your existing set reviewed against current legislation, Creditbiz has the expertise you need.


Credit & Collection policies


How often have you heard your sales department refer to your credit department as "the sales prevention department"? That is because your decisions and your credit and collection policies can have major influences on and can impact a variety of different deparments in your business and more importantly your profitability.

A carefully created credit policy should:

  • communicate to all stakeholders your credit processes;
  • consider your market position and industry practices;
  • show your business' tolerance for credit risk; &
  • serve as a guide on how credit and collection decisions will consistently be made within your credit department &
  • ensure the highest level of profit at the lowest level of risk.

In conjunction with your senior leadership team, sales, marketing and credit deparments Creditbiz can assist you in customising practical credit and colllection policies with adequate controls that reflect's your business' values, standards and appetite to risk.