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"Debtworks provide an integral part of our overall collection model."
Catholic Diocese of Auckland

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International Debt Collection

Collecting a debt overseas requires an international solution. There can be many different barriers that must be overcome, such as language, culture, legal and the simple geographical distance.

Because of our international partnerships, and the advanced communication platform, Debtworks can provide you with a debt collection service anywhere in the world!

Debtworks are proud to partner with the EOS international collection network, ensuring we have the ability to think globally but act locally when meeting your international collection needs.

EOS International core business is receivables management. EOS is committed to high standards of debt collection to protect creditors and consumers. With over 8,500 employees, EOS serves more than 20,000 customers in 27 countries worldwide through 49 subsidiaries.

Using an international IT platform that optimizes global workflows, your debts can automatically be referred to any partner in 90 different countries all around the world. The platform ensures direct, transparent and real-time communication as well as reliable reporting. But it is more than technology, it is supported by a code of conduct and closely monitored quality standards.

To enhance our international collection ability in our closest overseas market, we also partner with a respected Australian agency to benchmark our Australian collection efforts.

Together with our partners, we ensure that the contact with your debtors has the right mixture of tact, integrity and professionalism but most importantly the impact from:

  • local language
  • local knowledge and know-how
  • local collection and legal experience
  • local cultural mentality

Ensuring outstanding results.