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"I can honestly say that Debtworks have been brilliant in the collection and management of our bad debts."
Caspex Corporation LTD

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Automatic Payment

Automatic Payment

Automatic payments can easily be set up with your bank to make payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

To start paying your account by Automatic Payment simply:

  • click on the CORRECT link below,
  • agree to the Debt Payment terms and conditions;
  • download and print off the AP form;
  • complete all sections marked with an X; and
  • lodge it with your bank.


Vodafone Logo Vodafone Automatic Payment form


  • Debt reference number - Please insert your 5 digit Debtworks Debt Number in the particulars field and ensure it is included in every payment you send us. Where do I find this?
  • Multiple debts - If you have several debts with Debtworks please set up each debt individually to ensure any payments made are credited to the correct accounts.
  • Terms and conditions - By paying your debt online you accept and agree to be bound by the Debt Payment Terms.
  • Partial Payments - If you are not paying your debt(s) in full you should contact us to ensure your repayment plan is acceptable to our client. Failure to do so may result in collection action continuing.